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Questions & Answers

Q: What are Sponge Cloths?

A: They are a hybrid between a kitchen cloth and a sponge also know as Swedish dishcloths and are made with a patented process using plant based cellulose and cotton. They are stiff when dry but when they are wet and the excess water is squeezed out the magic happens and they become extremely soft and absorbent. They can then be used to clean any messes around your home.


Q: How do I use my sponge cloth?

A: Wet and squeeze excess water. May be used all around the home instead of paper towel, sponges, rags, wipes or washcloths. They are very soft therefore they can not be used for scrubbing stuck on dirt/food.


Q: How do I wash my sponge cloth? How do I disinfect or sanitize them?

A: Just wash by hand with water or soapy water, squeeze and let air dry over the sink or flat on the countertop. If necessary, they can be sanitized by heating wet for one minute in the microwave or by boiling in water for a couple of minutes. They can also be washed in your washer or on the top rack of your dishwasher. They can be washed hundreds of time, just don't put them in the dryer so that they last longer.


Q: How long do they last?

A: Depending on usage and care each one can last for several months up to 6-12 months. 


Q: Are your sponge cloths earth friendly?

A: Yes. They are made of plant-based cellulose and cotton and we print them with eco-friendly water-based ink in the USA. They are biodegradable/compostable at the end of their lives.


Q: How do I dispose of my sponge cloths?

A: They are fully biodegradable and they can be composted (Cutting in small pieces helps in the rate of decomposition).


 Q: How much do you charge to ship my order?

A: We ship free to all 48 contiguous States and D.C. For other U.S. territories current postal shipping rates will apply according to the customer's location.