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How to use your cleaning sponge cloths

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We must tell you that we get kind of excited when we talk about our cleaning sponge cloths because we know how useful and handy is to have them around your home to help you keep your kitchen, bathrooms and the rest of your home sparkling clean.

As we tell everybody if you have never tried these dish cloths then you are in for a major treat. 

How do you use a sponge cloth or a Swedish dishcloth?

We will tell you how.

To use them just wet them and squeeze the excess water. They suddenly become very soft with an almost luxurious texture. You must experience it to understand what we are talking about.

 This video shows you how:




Now that you squeezed the excess water, they become very absorbent, and they can be used, like any of your paper towels, sponges or cleaning cloths, to clean and pickup any kind of spill, wet or dry.

Use with just water or with your favorite cleanser to leave all surfaces virtually streak free and sparkling clean.

We use them all over the home and because of their softness they are very gentle on most surfaces.

We must warn you that they are not recommended for using on cooked on food or scrubbing stuck on dirt as they are not really made for scrubbing. They are really made for cleaning the same way as you would with your paper towel, sponges or dish towels.

We have used most kinds of cleaner with them with no issues at all.


Where and how can you use the cleaning sponge cloths?

These are some of the many ways that the cleaning sponge cloths can be used.

FCS cleaning sponge cloth or Swedish dishcloth to clean you your kitchen sparkling clean   FCS plaid cleaning sponge cloths or Swedish dishcloths to keep your bathroom sparkling clean

Use them to:

  • Wash your dishes
  • Clean and wipe all surfaces in the kitchen, bathrooms, all around the home
  • Clean gardening messes and spills
  • Clean surfaces all around your office
  • Clean up your car
  • Clean virtually streak free glass door and windows
  • Clean and dust furniture
  • Cleaning your pets and pet messes
  • Cleaning your baby’s delicate skin
  • To gently clean and dry your face
  • For bathing
  • and on and on...

No kidding! 

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Give them a try. Once you try them you will never go back to your old smelly kitchen and bathroom sponges and wipes!

Now that you know how easy is to use them, next we will let you how easy is to take care of them to use them for months and months, some people have even used them for a whole year! Check out our next blog learn how to take care of them.